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Sad Day and Blue Horizons Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 12, 2010, 11:37 PM
Hello there!

I feel like every time I get the chance to start uploading again and answer a few of your comments, something in my life happens that pulls me back from DA. My grandma passed away last week and I went to my family for the occasion. She was 100, had had a good long life and died in her sleep. She was ready to go and kept praying that "God would come and take her", since her body was not much use to her anymore, but I still miss her terribly. I'm doing a little better now though, it was good to be with my mom and my family for a short time.

Anyway, back to the "comments" things : I have always liked to answer back everyone, but I'm starting to wonder if it's still coherent to answer back comments that are 3 months old : what do YOU think? Should I or shouldn't I? :confused: I think it would be weird not to answer them, and maybe rude, since I answered all the oldest ones and will answer the newest ones.

Some recent work :

:147: by zvaella :146: by zvaella

* * * * * *


:heart: Blue Horizons Feature :heart:
(just felt the need to travel through pictures, hopefully you will too!)

Sunrise Glow by foureyes :thumb155572497:
The Approach - Color - by Eibography :thumb153919142:
NJ ...Sunrise by Brettc Loch Lubnaig by FlippinPhil
Cottony by ChristineAmat i wish u were here iv by warnaiman

  • Mood: Tearful
  • Watching: The Tudors
  • Eating: ice cream
  • Drinking: coffee (always)
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Pensieri Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
i'm sorry for your grandma.. I know how do you feel..i lost my mother's aunt last sunday.. she was only 83 but a brain cancer took her in one month.. it has been hard to accept it and harder not going to her funeral to say the last goodbye.. but you know, time is the only cure.

i really love your 365 project! it's amazing!
warnaiman Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Professional Photographer
thanks :heart: excellent selection
thanks including mine :tea:
my-dark-desire Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
i'm very sorry for your loss
you have all my support, don't worry about comments ^^

i hope you'll feel better soon :heart:
i'm here if you need anything :hug:
Duobauni Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010
Well, I just stopped by around your site and read this and hope feel better. I agree with TeenagePolitics that it is alright to respond even if it is three months :D. Love your photography btw. I became very inspired all of a sudden *O*
Rttmsdag Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
my condolences :hug:
meppol Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
I'm sorry for your loss :hug: You're in my thoughts :heart: I lost my grandpa a month ago too...
Don't worry about comments, I think you should delete them and start again. Sometimes it is simply impossible to catch them up. After summer holidays for example I do so :aww:
LadyFianna Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
:hug: I'm sorry to hear about your grandma :hug:
But, as you say, she lived a long and wonderful life, that's something to always be happy about :)
About the comments, I pesonally don't mind if someone answers a long time later, I'm always glad to know about people, no matter how long it has been :)
FlippinPhil Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Professional Photographer
I can feel your pain about your loss, my gran just died on Monday as well. I'm going to see her for the last time today, and the funeral is on Monday. Keep strong, and all the best :hug:

Thanks a lot for the feature, appreciated!
SiRea09 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
I'm sorry for your grandma.

About comments... I think it's not a problem if you don't answer this time. You'll aswer to next comments.
pixi3angeldreamx Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
Sorry to hear about your Granny :(
TeenagePolitics Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
I think it's alright to respond to comments, no matter how old they are. Beats not responding at all! :D
ForestGirl Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! ^^
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